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TaskClue is an all-in-one tool created specifically for freelancers and small businesses. Easily manage tasks, track work time, send invoices, and get paid - all from one app.

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Freelancers and small businesses ❤️ TaskClue

We help you plan, schedule, and coordinate successful projects by
taking control of your work, time, and finances.

scrum projects

Efficient Dashboard

Get an overview about the total number of projects, tasks, bugs and members. A visual representation of tasks with rich content, interactive charts, metrics and more to help you estimate the progress on projects.

project management sprint

Project management

Manage your clients and ongoing projects all in one place. Create new projects, set budgets and milestones, and organize all the documents, files and payments together for you and your client.

task management


Easily create and manage tasks. Assign the task to team members and set a due date for task completion. Add comments to the task and create a sub-task for ease in completion. Attach necessary files in a required task.

invoice management

Manage Invoices

Easily create invoices for clients and assign them a due date. Easily specify discounts, taxes, and add payments methods directly to get paid swiftly through a variety of payment methods like PayPal, Square and Stripe.

project calendar


Intuitively view projects and their due dates on the calendar allowing you and your team to run more efficiently, remain focused on tasks currently at hand and plan for future tasks. Never miss a deadline again with our intuitive calendar.

time tracking app

Painless Time Tracking

Easily track and bill for your time from anywhere and swiftly populate time-sheets and seamlessly switch between your projects for the day. Effective time tracking ensures that you never go over budget again!

client chat

Feature-rich Inbox

No more long email chains and waiting hours and days for clients responses. With our in app chat, you can communicate with clients and teammates in your business through real-time messaging.

client login

Client Portal

Give clients peace of mind by creating limited accounts for them, allowing them to log in and see the status of their projects, which in turn allow you to spend less time sending email updates and more time growing your business.